Beautiful Baby Photography KL Malaysia

Our Baby Photographer in Malaysia; Mark, is a professional lifestyle and portraiture photographer. Mark, captures the most beautiful memories and natural expressions of your child with well planned professional baby photography packages.

Baby Photography Package Malaysia

  • 4-hour photo shoot session, (children and mums tire after 4-6 hrs).
  • At your venue, your child will be more comfortable at home and I’ll be able to capture better emotions.
  • Approx 150+ edited soft copy photographs.
  • We carry along a few accessories, props, materials for backgrounds
  • Family portraiture Photography
  • Candid Behind the Scenes natural documentary style.

If you are interested in booking a session, please share your details. WhatsApp or call +6 011 2695 9695 or email

“Sometimes, the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Baby Photography Services in KL

It’s a privilege to produce the very best professional photography in Malaysia for the following services:

  • Newborn baby photography
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Baby photo-shoot
  • Baby Documentary Video
  • Family Portraits

Baby Photographer

“For mother’s who would love to experience the growing beauty of their children blossom. Mark’s portraiture photography celebrates the natural beauty of babies & parenthood.”

Beautiful baby photography KL Malaysia

We have a very candid and relaxed approach to baby photography. We never want to overwhelm the baby or make your child uncomfortable. Unlike a studio setup, we prefer to photograph your child at home where he or she is most comfortable.

Baby photographer malaysia KL behind the scenes
Baby photographer Malaysia KL behind the scenes

“Capture a moment that really did happen!”

Mark’s style is to create a beautiful background with everyday things you’d find lying around the house and then patiently wait for the right moment to capture your relationships and emotions.

Why choose us?

When we plan a shoot to capture photographs of your lovely babies, our single most forethought is your child’s safety and comfort. Our captures of your baby are never fake or posed. These are moments that really did happen. We will patiently wait till your child is ready and never encourage you’ll to hurry up or force any dress or pose on a child. We delicately plan the poses so that there is no stress on any of their tender bones and skin in anyway. Our team is a professionally experienced team of photographers. We have worked with some of the top brands and ad campaigns in the world, we know our technical and aesthetics well. We have experience doing a ton of commercial baby photo shoots too for brands like Himalaya Babycare. We know which lens and focal length to use for which shot and how much depth to have on other shots. You are guaranteed to have the most natural and beautiful captures of your little one.

What happens at our baby’s photo-shoot?

How to take beautiful baby pictures
How to take beautiful baby pictures

A few days prior to the shoot, we decide on the baby’s outfits, the props, and the backgrounds. We exchange ideas on with pictures of all the elements that will go into the baby photography. We also exchange reference images if there is something in particular that the parents want to be captured; like a cake smash photo shoot! On the day of the shoot, we put all our props and accessories together. We usually set up the background and lighting in a well-lit room like a living room or bedroom and have the baby get dressed. We work along with the child’s pace and daily schedule to get some shots while the child is active and a couple of poses while asleep. We end the shoot with some family portraiture shots.

Baby photography props ideas!

Photography is all about depth and focus. We’re always trying to bring back focus or have the baby’s face highlighted; especially the child’s eyes. Creating many layers in the foreground and the background from mommy dresses to pretty accessories, all add a little something to your masterpiece.

Backgrounds and Props for baby photography shoots

You may find interesting backgrounds lying right in your closet. While considering colors for backgrounds look for earth or pastel colors instead of bright loud colors. Remember we want your child to light up the scene and not the background. When you look for backgrounds; think textures.

Baby photography props ideasHow to take beautiful baby pictures?

Some of the things you could use for interesting backgrounds for baby photography are:

  1. Rugs
  2. Bedspreads
  3. Curtains
  4. Quilts
  5. Frilly dresses
  6. Sweaters
  7. Fabrics
  8. Beanbags, cushions, and pillows

We can use mummy and daddy accessories too

  1. Beads
  2. Chains
  3. Rustic Jewelry
  4. Veils and Scarves
  5. Flowers, vases, framed mirrors
  6. Frilly skirts and dresses
  7. Shoes
  8. Belt buckles and ties

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